The Art of Tenacity or drip, drip, chip away


First, I bought a new phone and spent 3 days trying to transfer data.

Meanwhile, I had planned to write, not wade thru tech blogs, but I needed my new phone to function – I could not continue carrying around 2 phones – one with the sim card and one with all my apps (and data).  So finding the instructions that worked (and I could understand) was important, so I could free myself up to write – a query letter.

The Q letter is my nemesis, my boulder, my personal blister on my heel.   These take me a long time for all the usual reasons – defining major plot points, finding the precise words that describe the characters, editing until the sentences swim off the page like shimmering dolphins.

On the plus side, I have written excellent q letters before, so I know this.

If I keep at it, keep a note pad nearby, wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, if I write down ideas as they occur, the letter gets written.  I drip, drip, chip away until it’s done.  That’s the secret for most difficult endeavors, right?

Also YouTube is the best for tech questions and demos!