Ode to my kid

She’s not me; she’s better.

I had a kid late in life.  Yes, selfish – lots of places I wanted to go, and did.  Lots of things I wanted to do and see -and did.

Then I met my husband who is different.  Because who you like when you are in a hurry, like in your 20’s and 30’s, is a different guy than who you like when you are 40 and sick of slick and shiny.

And we had a kid.  She’s 24.   And holy crap, she turned out great.  I mean GREAT. Independent, hard working, thoughtful, and focused.

Which means if I never write another book, or sell one, or get on a bestseller list or walk to the stage to receive a prize, I have done more good in one human being than any bestseller could do.