Writers’s block

Patience:  the willingness to endure (doubts)



Serving the story and facing your writing fears

Bad at dialog – write it out.


Write what you find interesting in the story.  NOT what a “writer” would write.


Am I rushing the story?

“She arrived frantic and sweating.”   WHAT HAPPENED?


ADD A SCENE that adds information about the character, her motivation, her backstory.

opening scene

In media res?   (in the middle of things – Latin)

In the middle of the story, in the middle of the scene, in the middle of the dialog.

scare ’em

Solution to writer’s block:

Fill the bath

Pour a drink

Sit in the bath bath

and yell                                               yell

at the top of your lungs

“I hate this shit”     (again) (again) (again)


yell 2

yelling clears out all those cobwebs